Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It's the Economy, Stupid

Do not throw the election away, GOP. Whatever your thoughts on birth control and abortion, the idea now is to get the far left leader out of the White House. period. Before he does worse. Drop the social stuff. Now. Stephen Dinan:
Their fight with President Obama over contraceptive coverage is becoming a losing battle for Republicans, a significant chunk of whom reject GOP leaders’ stance that it’s a fight about religious liberty, according to the latest Washington Times/JZ Analytics poll.

… “Drop this baby right now. Drop it. This is not a winner,” John Zogby, the pollster who conducted the survey, said by way of advising the GOP. “I don’t know if the White House was smart enough to box Republicans into a corner on this — I don’t know if it was by plan — but I think it worked out that way.”

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