Friday, March 09, 2012

I Swear, They’re All Out to Get Me!

François Hollande is paranoid
Europe's main conservative leaders deny any plot to snub French Socialist presidential hopeful Francois Hollande, but experts say they are nevertheless nervous about the untested candidate's plans.

"Informed sources in Britain, even in the (opposition) Labour Party, are afraid of possible financial instability following a Francois Hollande victory, and many in the (German opposition) SPD are even more sceptical," said John Gaffney, a French politics specialist at Aston University in Britain.

Germany's Der Spiegel magazine caused a stir last weekend by reporting that right-wing European leaders were "scandalised" by the Socialist's declared intent to renegotiate the budgetary discipline pact signed on Friday.

They consider the pact key to rescuing the debt-stricken eurozone. Hollande, who opinion polls consistently say will easily beat President Nicolas Sarkozy in the two-round vote in April and May, has also raised eyebrows by declaring that the "world of finance" is the "enemy".
Actually, it more of a case of paranoid self-flattery, as if the world had to somehow stop this great mind.

Here’s a towel for when you’re done beating your meat, Gaucho.

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