Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Continental Consciousness

Despite doing virtually nothing about their own debt problems for years, and being the Eurozone being richest entity on earth, they do little more that fish for pity and aid from afar.
Only on very rare occasions to do we hear anything positive about Europe, and with this in mind we should welcome the remarks made by 62-year-old Republican and former White House advisor to Bush Senior, Richard Breeden, at the the party to celebrate Romney’s victory in New Hampshire, who insisted that the bid to “stabilize” Europe is “vitally important” for the US – words that are particularly resonant words when you consider the past of the continent.
Actually no, most of the time there isn’t anything substantive to talk about at all when it comes to Europe. Europeans, on the other had, are prone to this kind of thing:
Europe is where they do away with the infirm elderly, and where cruise line captains are the first to jump ship in the event of an accident. It is the place where the ailing euro continues to be a source of contagion for the rest of the world and where the economy is strangled by cumbersome and prohibitively expensive welfare states. Worse of all, it is a place where the future of the young generation is sacrificed.
Which we supposed to be ashamed to say, in spite of every last work of it being true. The unjust “slander” has this to offer the self-pitying European as well:
A haven for euthanasia, the homeland of socialism and the cradle of the debt crisis: for Republican candidates campaigning for the US presidency, Europe is a model that must be avoided at all costs.
All of which is true.

If it wasn’t, Europeans wouldn’t be trying so hard to unwind the state of “state managed personhood” to begin with. The Eurozone spends more on welfare than the entire rest-of-the-world combined, and they know it. But if someone form a part of the rest-of-the-world called the United States mentions it, all bets are off.

It’s a level of emotional manipulation that they reserve for the US, and should try that with the CHINESE PUBLIC OFFICIALS who have openly criticized the horrible effect that the European attitude of welfare is having on the rest of the world’s economy.

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