Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 Dead, 123 Wounded During Attack on Belgian Christmas Market: Some Politically Incorrect Points You Will Hardly See Many of in the MSM

Five people killed in a single assassin's attack on a Liège Christmas market, 123 wounded (BBC Videos) besides the killer who committed suicide immediately afterwards.

In such a bloody and tragic context, how many politically incorrect details are we allowed to point out straight away?

• Well, besides the fact that all this occurred — yet again — in famously (and proudly) gun-free Europe, and
• besides the fact that the name of the killer who struck at a Christmas market is Arabic and/or Muslim (Nordine Amrani), how about
• the fact that if this recidivist had not been let out of jail on conditional release, five people would be alive today while 123 of their countrymen would not be in hospital. Indeed, had the jail authorities, like most of Europe's political authorities, not suffered from "tolerance"-itis©, all these scores of people would still be looking forward to a merry Christmas with their families…

Related: For a gun-free zone like Europe (always ready to give lessons to clueless Yanks regarding such things as violence, trusting in the police, and gun control versus the obsolete right to bear arms), France for one has recently seen a plethora of crimes with automatic pistols, Kalashnikovs, and explosives.

• Violence and Gun Control: Facts Which Europeans and American Leftists Conveniently Ignore

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