Friday, November 18, 2011

Europe: Where the Most Obvious Slander Counts as Hard-Hitting News

If you can’t process the fact that nothing has changed in Italy, outside of trading in an elected government that has actually balanced its’ budget for unelelected technocrats, then Plantu will satisfy your need to remain igonarant.

Owing to the “masonic” nature that every enlightened European knows about and the Bunga-bunga slant of a Conservative politician, a feigned horror strangely forgotten about with great lights of the left, Plantu’s economic illiteracy is laid bare.

Because in his Gaullic brilliance and subtlety, he is just too prescient stupid to understand anything other than his obsession with sexualized normally child-like figures, and finding straw-man to blame as an explanation to anything that has ever happened in the world... If we borrowed and spent too much, well, it must be bacause Goldman Sachs made us do it.

c'est comme ça.

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