Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All the News that's Fit for a Ouija Board

Would You Rather Have Someone Report Reality or Explain it Away ?

Le Monde attempts to find an explanation to what will certainly be made punching bag and demon:

Mario Monti, Lucas Papademos and Mario Draghi have something in common: they have all worked for the American investment bank.
Okay, that may be true, but is it all that matters? I mean, would anything else matter to the conspiratorially minded? Roche goes on to say that...

According to its detractors, the European network of influence woven by American bank Goldman Sachs (GS) functions like a freemasonry. To diverse degrees, the new European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi, the newly designated Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti, and the freshly appointed Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos are totemic figures in this carefully constructed web.
But the ZOG-obsessed of the world might also want to note that they also all got PhDs from MIT. That’s like, so, almost “skull and bones!”

As to why these guys have their jobs and the old jokers don’t, the obvious will be sure to be overlooked.

Serious and competent, they weigh up the pros and cons and study all of the documents before giving an opinion. They have a fondness for economics, but these luminaries who enter into the temple only after a long and meticulous recruitment process prefer to remain discreet.
Collectively they form an entity that is part pressure group, part fraternal association for the collection of information, and part mutual aid network. They are the craftsmen, masters and grandmasters whose mission is "to spread the truth acquired in the lodge to the rest of the world."
Ergo, would it not be a safe assumption that Goldman Sachs might, occasionally, either hire of make a competent employee? Or is that too much for the world’s fevered minds to digest, preferring their news to hint at Freemasonry?

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