Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where’s my Insane-O-Meter?

Firmly planted in this donkey’s sphincter:

A state lawmaker is explaining his remark that suggests the impact of Pennsylvania's booming natural gas industry includes the spread of sexually transmitted disease "amongst the womenfolk."

Democratic Rep. Michael Sturla of Lancaster County was expected to discuss the remark at a previously scheduled hearing Wednesday on gas drilling.
To wit, the CYA was unleashed on the gift that keeps on giving:
However, Sturla was apparently citing testimony by Troy Community Hospital from May that says among its experiences with the influx of drilling crews is an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.
Drilling crews” Huh. Huh-huh.

Right. That makes about as much sense as attributing it to something like this:
The Latino population in Lancaster County has grown by 68 percent in the last 10 years, the fifth-largest gain in Latinos statewide.

In the city of Lancaster, nearly two out of every five city residents identify their ethnicity to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and other Latin American countries.
By Sturla’s “concurrence” reasoning, one could even blame the “womenfolk’s” contagious affliction on virtually anything.

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