Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sarkozy Attacked for 'Sacrilegious' Plan to Build Over 100 Wind Turbines Off Normandy's D-Day Beaches

Nicolas Sarkozy has come in for heavy criticism after approving plans for a large wind farm complex off the D-Day coast where Allied troops launched their World War Two assault in 1944
reports the Daily Mail (merci à Carine à New York).

The French President was accused of a 'grave attack on the collective memory' of Allied forces after giving the go-ahead for the plans on the Calvados coast near the Normandy landing beaches.

The proposed project will see more than 100 turbines more than 525ft high erected just seven miles from the beaches, synonymous with the D-Day landings.

Mr Sarkozy's decision to open the bidding process on the €20 billion (£17.5 billion) project has been branded 'sacrilegious' by critics, including British veterans' families.

Blight: How the view from the beachhead at Normandy might look if the plan for an offshore wind farm goes ahead

It was claimed the windmills' flashing lights would ruin poignant night remembrances on Juno and Omaha beaches by giving off a 'disco' effect.

Juno was the target of 3rd Canadian Infantry Division supported by British Royal Marine Commandos.

It is less than 20 miles from the coastline codenamed Omaha Beach in 1944, where U.S. forces suffered more than 2,000 casualties during the operation.

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