Monday, May 02, 2011

So Long, Douchebag

Is this the kind of day that would make Palestinians in the West Bank hand out baklava in the streets and honk their horns, perhaps? Expect people to tch-tch at the idea of Americans out on the streets in the middle of the night in DC and NY needs to look at their age: this has been THEIR GENERATION’S war, and killing bin Laden is a sign of victory in their war. In large part, the people you saw in those pictures are GWU and NYU students.

If you think that they aren’t entitled to their moment, then check your humanity and ask yourself why you don’t react the same way when you see Palestinians celebrating when civilians are murdered, instead of a filthy savage like bin Laden.

Expect the minimizers to lurk out of the woodwork within hours.

Aside from that, a quick scan of RT and Radio Moscow reveal their “new reporting” to amount to little more that reporting the nature of the Kremlin’s press announcement. Proving to be nothing more than organs of state, they are likely waiting to be told what to say about the killing of bin Laden.

Update 1: Disconnected and protected from the big bad outside world, we can see a typical German reaction in comment Numero Uno within minutes of the report:

It’s bad enough that it went on this long, hunting for a man for over 10 years.
Of course, it is clear that if he falls into the hands of American intelligence or the Mossad, he would die.

The American people, which then goes out to the streets and cheered is quite scary.
There was a reason to celebrate it since September 11, not once.
War, another terrorist who is not with the death of Bin Laden over!

... It is an indisputable proof that a large part of the American people are stupid, stupid, ignorant and manipulated.

In Germany, no one would ever think about it if a long-sought after criminal is killed. And that despite many people in this country having a very low level of education and nonetheless prefer a political resolution.
What this says about these disgusting patriotic U.S. Americans need not be discuss them further. A serious and dangerous country!
No American is suggesting that it's over now. This guy is doing the usual thing: wishing the world to be the way he wants, wishing people (particularly "VS Amerikanern") to be who he wants them to be, and so forth. Pretty predicatable stuff.

Further down, it’s a freeforall from the “Ja, ja, logich, undsoweiter...” school of cheap thought:

I'm not surprised because the United States itself has thought up everything (about Bin Laden) and I will not be surprised if Obama soon dies.!
Because those awful Amis made the whole thing up about al Queda, and what’s more, her imaginary invisible force will knock off the President for doing the bidding of that “mysterious force”.

And this from a some manboy who prefers a policy of cowering:

USA? Are they stupid?
They snatched him, perhaps for the first time, and immediately kill him. The U.S. will regret the murder might have ... If the next attack comes: (
”Murder”. I wonder if he ever thinks of the 9/11 attacks in terms of “murder”. Probably not, given his further response:

usa ist kacka
His sophistication is inspiring. Otherwise, may we “question the timing” of these tediously predictable reflexive reactions?

The Washington Post posits that this was a CIA operation. It comes on the heels of an already white-hot controversy involving CIA operative Raymond Davis, who was working undercover in Pakistan when he shot and killed two Pakistanis who allegedly tried to rob him.
Update 2: There’s always room for asinine Spaniards too:
"The biggest mass criminal of the XXI?21st century? According to Wikipedia, 9-11 killed 3000. And there is no known direct involvement (yes inspiration) in any other attack. Surely if we are looking for people responsible for more than 5,000 deaths.
which, of course could only be true if bin Laden really existed, and if he did, he was a puppet of Dick Cheney who personally flew all 4 planes at the same time to not crash into the Pentagon and WTC because they were brought down by trained anacondas... and, and, and...
Everyone knows that Osama has been dead for several years in a hospital in Pakistan, Benazir Butto already talked about this in an interview with the BBC shortly before being murdered. Stories and more stories pure photoshop for the gallery, as well as the famous black birth certificate.
Set aside the usual European negro-fixation, cause the crazy train is steaming through:
Characters with apparent power and is more than doubtful intention, splattering everywhere in this desolate landscape: Berlusconi, Trump, despots of all sorts and power in many nations and key organizations of the productive system.

Without doubt we are in need of dramatic effects of the illusion weavers and motivation like Obama liquidating the hydra, and other comparable events that are leading the masses to awaken from its long slumber.
I’ll bet you didn’t even know that you were the mouth-breathing, easily led “masses”, because we have a fine example of a Euro-űbermensch who typically thinks he isn’t, but is sure that Donald Trump is the dictator of some state.

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