Monday, May 02, 2011

Like Paper-Thin Characters from a Bad Movie

I guess the days of Europeans wailing on and on about Blackwater/Xe are going to have to end.

Between 300 and 500 European soldiers of fortune, including EU nationals, are working for Colonel Gaddafi in Libya, a leading criminologist has said.

The European mercenaries are mostly specialists in heavy weapons, helicopter technology and tactics and command fees of several thousand US dollars a day. The majority come from Belarus, Serbia and Ukraine. There is a significant amount of Polish helicopter experts. Belgian, British, French and Greek nationals are also involved.
But it’s never too late for a little bit of de minimus style ass covering.
He added: "The definition of 'mercenary' is also an issue. What you more often have is individuals who are involved in selling weapons and then providing a bit of advice and training before disappearing."
Really? That’s all? At least they’re working on behalf of a UN member, one that used to be on the UN Human Rights Council.

As for being a bunch of pompous marxist unarmed pansies – I take all of that back now. All of it except for the part about the spinning moral compass and the joy they take in lecturing non-Europeans while ignoring their own, obscenely long legacy of vacationing in Biafra.

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