Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rio de Janeiro's Corruption-Fighting Blogger Is Gunned Down in Copacabana

From the Portuguese-speaking world, Luís Afonso Assumpção reports on a Brazilian blogger (Ricardo Gama doubles as a vlogger) who was shot three times in Copacabana — once in the head, once in the neck, and once in the right shoulder — during an assassination attempt this spring (Obrigado por o link da Instapundit).
Ricardo … is a loud critic of corruption and suspicions relations among drug smugglers and high rank politicians in the state, including the governor Sergio Cabral and Rio´s mayor.

… [Ricardo] is alive and returned to his youtube emissions and his blog, ricardo-gama.blogspot.com ,but his case remains quite unnoticed by the major media outlets in Brazil.
You read that correctly: Incredibly, Ricardo Gama survived — and has even returned to blogging (his first video after returning from the hospital is here) in spite of the (quite visible) bullet wounds to his head.

And if you think the assassination attempt has cooled him down, take a look at him and listen to his voice in the video below (even if you don't understand Portuguese, watch the first 45 seconds as Ricardo's defiance cries out and as he presents some of his wounds to the camera): Ricardo looks — and sounds — mad as hell…
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