Friday, May 06, 2011

The New Face of Euro-Götterdämmerung

So be good, for goodness’ sake.

26.04.2011: EU and US take 'first step' toward Syria sanctions

If sanctions are anything, are they not sanctions? I can tell you’re afraid. Just be cool, man.

27.04.2011: Syria sanctions could include suspension of EU aid

Really? Could they? Is that really allowed under international super-special law?

29.04.2011: EU countries agree on Syria sanctions

"It's a diplomatic success. But it doesn't change the events on the ground, which are still going in a very bad direction," one EU diplomatic contact said.

"Even those countries dragging their feet, like Cyprus, agreed that something had to be done for the EU to remain credible," another diplomatic contact said.

"There is no talk of military intervention at all. The Libya option is not on the table," the source added
How apparently thoughtful looking, but the problem is that there are no Americans that will not be doing any of that killing people and breaking things stuff that they’re too anemic to use as a threat with a “sanctionee.” Even if they did, what do you want to bet that the Germans would shoot it down on the pretext that it’s all just happening to quickly to allow for comprehensive analysis, such as this:

1.26.2011, Hasan Ali Akleh imolates self, protests against the state kick of with a bang. Many in fact.

2.21.2011: Syrian, German Economic Talks to Boost Joint Trade, Investment

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