Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Observations of the Socialist Internationale in her Native Habitat

Elsewhere: who knew the French "cultural exception" was assumed by leftists to include rape and child molestation?

I'm not saying it's time for a presidential candidate who represents 'normality' over 'abnormality', or 'morality' over 'immorality'. But it is time for democracy without moral privileges.
Is a writer supposed to able to supersede the electorate? Why so uncomfortable with the idea of "normal"? Doesn't that just mean that it might reflect what's nominally acceptable to society as its' "lowest common denominator"?

Old socialist perv tries to force himself on a woman half his age. Libé readers only now nominally start to mildly question whether or not it might no longer be wise as a workplace fringe benefit. I'd say that they have a long way to go before they reach the 20th century. What do you expect from a country where employees still expect "lunch money". Bear in mind that these are adults that we're talking about.

Come on! Give Daddy some suga!

The typical reaction? That a European's attempted rape is somehow the fault of "American prudery"
oh, that sin-and-crime-laced word "sodomy"!
Sure, that's what we can tell the beurre qui batte to seure when her rectum gets prolapsed against her will.

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