Friday, April 22, 2011

Operant Conditioning Then and Now

Speak to us, oh giant head!!!

22 April is Earth Day, and the birthday of the ultimate unwitting leader of its’ proponents, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Speaking of it as the day of the birth of their savior, the official organ of the Communist Party of Germany said:

In 1902 Lenin's book "What Is To Be Done" was published, which had great significance for the struggle against opportunism. In this book Lenin explained that socialist consciousness can not emerge out of the spontaneous workers' movement, but only out science, that consequently socialism can only triumph if the workers' movement is connected with the theory of scientific socialism. This connection is the communist party.
The first earth day was on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin.

Today, the environmental political movement sees itself in the very same terms: a class of people indispensible to civilization, one that is compelled to tell us what matters philosophically (despite our nature and independent reflections,) and want to tell us how to live while pretending to instruct us in how to live. In reality, they are programming children only because it is a shorthand around reasoning with people with a perspective more stable than their own.
Those incapable of any sort of natural scientific scepticism even act like every positive stroke, no matter how repetitive or pedantic, is a reward, like a rabbit in a lab getting his oxycontin. Even when they live in a wealthy suburb occupied by omnivore-consumers whose economy is founded on the seizing of wealth from the productive, whom they can’t wait to find ways to further hinder.

Our disobedience is pitiable, and the mere result of false consciousness. One subject to change, just as the name of the movement, it’s vocabulary, it’s enemies are all subject to change based on who the competitors in the political field are.

Lenin also showed why the opportunists, who strove for reconciliation with the bourgeoisie, glorified the spontaneous workers' movement so much: it is because the spontaneous development of the workers' movement leads to its subordination to bourgeois ideology.

Lenin concluded from this, "that all worship of the spontaneity of the working-class movement, all belittling of the role of 'the conscious element,' of the role of Social-Democracy" (the revolutionary parties of the working class at that time still called themselves "social-democratic", RM) "means, quite irrespective of whether the belittler wants to or not, strengthening the influence of the bourgeois ideology over the workers."
Moderation is wrong, he said, even when they called themselves “social democrats”.

It was all subject to change – the names, suppositions, ideas, all to the level that “the unaware masses,” unwilling to go along for whatever reasons that the divine lesson-givers aren’t patient enough to bother to try to understand, can make you choke down.

Try to tell me that something has changed.

Earth, peace, harmony, the godhead of the all-meaningful blob... it’s all the same to the indoctrinated. It gets to suit any previous purpose they had for other people, and if not that, anything and everything else. Further to that bullshit is this kind of prose:

The first Earth Day, proclaimed by the City of San Francisco and celebrated on March 21, 1970 was created by John McConnell. What led him to the idea was his interest in Space exploration and awareness of the March Equinox, nature's primary day of global equilibrium.

This special moment of nature's equipoise provides a sound basis for members of the human family to simultaneously join -- each in their own way -- in silent prayer or reflection: a time for dedication and commitment to the care of our planet, a time for thanksgiving and celebration. Earth Day is on the first day of Spring -- nature's symbol of renewal and new life.

Observed each year at the United Nations and to some extent around the world, nature's Earth Day celebration of life has been a dynamic force for resolution of conflicts and peaceful progress -- for harmony with neighbor and nature by people acting as responsible trustees of Earth.
Which is amusing, since we were told that all war forever would be over drinking water and who can get the high land far from the perpetually late tidal wave of sea rise that is when we aren’t running out of water, and if not that the other apocalypse of the guilt-bearing human for which we can never be redeemed: fighting over the cooler polar regions where we can raise crops.

If that doesn’t suit you, just wait a few days for some other reason will be passed around. Maybe something about things only being made whole by Mayan crafts, living in a geodesic dome, and raising your own chickes. Again, it’s whatever someone thinks you can choke down.

i.e.: earthquakes. Taunters mocked the greens for their predilection of making a connection between people using fuel and any natural disaster. They were told that there are always a few cranks and crazies. They didn’t tell you that the conditioned are the real cranks and crazies.

The last few years saw many natural disasters and most are still afresh in our memories. One very good example to site is Haiti crisis. Did you know, the last few years have been registered as the most warm years? Ice Age, though an animated movie actually addresses a real problem! Ice from the poles, Arctic and Antarctic regions is melting at an alarming pace – 9% per year! There’s a hole in the Ozone layer that’s contributing to increase in temperatures considerably. Why all these adverse issues? The only reason for this drastic climate change is our lifestyle, which is against nature.
Stop wasting humanity’s time and effort.

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