Friday, April 22, 2011

Europe: Vee Play Naughty Dress-up Game, Yes?

Just for fun, say that title again, except this time, trying to sound like Yoda. Otherwise the European intellectual legacy of impossible to understand analogies, humorlessness, and hate-hate relationship with those of faith, we find an opinion columnist comparing Germany with a Vicar disciplining his flock. Those of you who actually attend religious services know that happens all of the time.

The Eurozone crisis has now put Germany in the classic vicar's dilemma
Given that they are conditioned at this point to believe that every man of the cloth is a child molester, it might actually seem more clear. Either that or they miss the good old days of studying the gender dynamics of Russ Meyer “films” as an analogy for geopolitical dialogue.
Some even whisper that German European policy has entered its punitive phase.
If that whispering gets you too excited, there are some paper towels on the kitchen counter.
The writer heads the Brussels Office of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). He is writing in a personal capacity.
You don’t say?

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