Friday, April 22, 2011

Next they will Ban Deoderant

I really wonder if the biological drive to reproduce is what drives Greenies to bring the rest of civilization down to conform with their own fragile outlook, particularly when they do things like ban Trisodium Phosphate.

It is still a must in commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels. But 17 states have already banned the product for consumers, causing most all makers of the detergent to remove it from their products, which vastly degraded their value. The detergent makers saw the writing on the wall and this time decided to get out in front of the regulatory machine, anticipating a federal ban before it actually takes place.
In case you’re wondering what the chamber of horror TSP is, it’s commonly called Spic ‘n Span. Phosphorus is also what is used to make non-chlorine bleach, or if you live in the village of the truly retrograde, anything marked “sans javel”.

Environmentalists are gunning for humanity. They have a taste for blood, and feel the power. To dictate. To beat the servants and sing to themselves like Eva f’ing Peron on psychotropics.

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