Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In the Army of Davids, Instapundit is General Eisenhower

Congratulations to Little Miss Attila (via Instapundit).

And thanks to Professor Glenn Reynolds — thanks for your service, to cause and country.

In the Army of Davids, you are Dwight (David) Eisenhower — the general-in-chief overseeing the fight against those who hate America, liberty, and the rights of the common citizen.

In the fight for right and the truth, and against the left's prevailing (and self-serving) narrative(s), in America as well as abroad, there are many Davids — or Pattons, if you will — stockpiling ammunition (knowledge, facts, etc), determined to use those armaments, willing with resolve, fearless to take on the enemy, prepared to fight, and whose only desire is not to be left on the sidelines but to be allowed to bring their contribution, large or small, into battle, on the side of their "band of brothers" (and sisters), and join in hitting back against the left twice as hard…

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