Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Look at who Finally Grew Up

Carla Bruni finally purged herself of a disease of the mind.

Only two years ago Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy had claimed that she was "instinctively left-wing" after at one stage supporting her husband's Socialist rival in the 2007 presidential elections.
It isn’t an instinct. It’s actually called operant conditioning, and it’s why leftists expel the demonizing, divisive invective that they do, and feel a burning need to overwhelm institutions that groom the young, and make every effort to turn them into ideological monocultures.
But in Monday's interview with Le Parisien newspaper, she said her previous political persuasion was only due to her belonging to a "community of artists." "We were bobo (bourgeois bohemians), we were left-wing but at that time I voted in Italy (her native country)." I have never voted for the Left in France and I can tell you, I'm not about to start now. I don't really feel left-wing anymore," she said.
Some hang on as if HAVING the delusions of the left’s paradise will somehow bring it on. Most others, on genuine reflection, find their paradise dystopic.

However, looking honestly at their buffoonish ideas and reactions is usually sufficient for the unprogrammed to come to Bruni’s conclusion.
She said her political U-turn was down to the recent behaviour of the French Left. "I have heard Socialist officials say the same kinds of things as the National Front say, and I have been really shocked," she claimed.

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