Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Job, Dillweed

The EU’s “we started it, but it isn’t really oursanswer to the existence of the blogosphere yields hits about Australia under the Austria tab. This, of course is one of the many mythical bugaboos that European HateRz have about the U.S., something that I have never personally witnessed, which is the narrative that “all Americans cannot tell Australia from Austria”.

That someone, somewhere saw one child mix up Austria and Australia is the likely source, but the meme required hate to remain alive for decades.

Just in the interest of the edification of those who run the omni-loquasious blog-feed-plex, Australia is NOT, I repeat NOT, a nation in Europe, nor is it a member of the EU.

The linked article itself is a bland rehashing of the [INSERT WEATHER EVENT] is due to your thoughtlessly living in the 21st century.

You get the drift.

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