Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Another Canal for a Holier-Than-Thou Democrat to Lose

Actually, Chris Matthews' mention of Egypt's Panama Canal (sic) may turn out, in a way, to be prescient, since there is a way of comparing Egypt with Panama as well as with Iran, and both of them related to Jimmy Carter to boot.

Because it turns out that the Apologizer-in-Chief's channeling of Jimmy Cartera comparison which was predicted by some of us prior to the 2008 election — may not just come in the form of Barack Obama's losing Egypt like the 39th president lost Iran.

It may also show up in Obama's handing away, willingly or otherwise, the Suez Canal just like Carter — another we-can-all-live-together-if-we-just-make-an-effort type — gave away the Panama Canal…

Let us take a minute to pause and remember how Frank Gaffney defined the Obama Doctrine:
  • Abandoning our allies,
  • emboldening our enemies,
  • and diminishing our country

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