Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Artless Celebrity Theft 101

Lady Gaga Protests Arizona's SB 1070 Bill

After all, she knows where her candy comes from:

Lady Gaga Reveals She Does "Cocaine"
Which is interesting, because she’ll blow lines, but not dick, because being paranoid is more creativity promoting than doing her moaning off stage.
Lady Gaga avoids having sex for fear someone could steal her 'creativity'
Just how does she define ‘creativity’? Her act is a mash up of the early 90’s faux glam “I’m self-absorbed, heard me roar” phase of American womanhood, which featured forgettable club music and kept the drum machine on life support for waaaay too long. After all, here she is looking more or less like Kim Wilde did 20 years ago. She also seems to have stolen her buzz my mugging Vivien Goldman’s The Flying Lizards, circa 1984. Someone, please find the “creativity” here, before another celeb is declared “controversial” for political parroting what the shallowest of the media gaggle is in complete agreement with to begin with.

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