Friday, July 16, 2010

The government calls it "sealed management."

BEIJING – The government calls it "sealed management." China's capital has started gating and locking some of its lower-income neighborhoods overnight, with police or security checking identification papers around the clock, in a throwback to an older style of control.
Erm... NOT. It’s more of that “colonialism of the mind” crap imported from Europastani internment camps. You’ll note that Eye-talians found themselves doing the same thing.
The gated villages are the latest indignity for China's migrant workers, who already face limited access to schooling and government services and are routinely blamed by city folk for rising crime. Used to the hardship of the farm and the lack of privilege, migrants seem to be taking the new controls in their stride.
Which, as I understand it, is even worse than the Arizona of the left’s imaginary dystopia. I wonder, does the fact that they are avec-papiers and citizens make it okay, lefty?
"Sealed management" looks like this: Gates are placed at the street and alley entrances to the villages, which are collections of walled compounds sprinkled with shops and outdoor vendors. The gates are locked between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., except for one main entrance manned by security guards or police, there to check identification papers. Security guards roam the villages by day.
That, friends, is the China that the European Reducto ad Hitlerium Anti-American types won’t tell you about, or will imagine to be some sort of “social cohesion” paradise on earth. They seem to love every other kind of womb-like social incarceration otherwise, so why not this.

Maybe it says something about THEIR notion of the paradise on earth that they want for the “collectivist mass” (from which the generous and munificent intellectual may always get an equality-based, authority-granted exception from). After all you have that Isra-NaziApartheidSecurity”Separation”Wall to recreationally throw stones at.

Don’t get all sentimental about it, already.

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