Saturday, July 17, 2010

Social Justice for Unsucessful Criminals! Now!

Guess which tense, developing nation, riddled with barbaric secterianism this took place in, and get a Chinese knock-off kewpie doll.
Rioters burned cars, attacked a tramway and shot at police in the xxxxxx city of xxxxxxxx overnight in protest at the death of a local Muslim man, identified as 27-year- old Karim Boudouda, fleeing police after allegedly holding up the city's casino.
In the screwed up world of post-rational European nihilism, scratching your chin and opining about this stuff is considered sociologically interesting, and a good use of a social thinker's time.

Anyone thinking clearly, without the intervention of political conditioning about "social sensitivities" will see it cultural backwardness imported from a failed, third world society.
Police said they intervened after local residents stopped a tramway by setting a fire on the rails and stoned it. At least 50 cars were burned and police said they were shot at once and returned fire.

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