Sunday, July 11, 2010

Confusion in the Grand Confederation of Ethno-Statelets

Where saying that you’re really neo-nationalistic and post-gravitational remains a fashionable intellectual palliative.

Union fails most vital test of a democracy

There is no overlap between the space in which people believe they have something to say (which, like it or not, is and will remain the space of nation-states) and the space in which more and more decisions are being made, decisions that are increasingly unpopular.
says José Manuel Fernandes.
The European Union is failing the most vital test of a democracy: it doesn’t know how to replace its own government by peaceful means. The European Parliament can, of course, dismiss the Commission, but it can’t dismiss the Council, nor does anyone think about who will be the next president of the Commission whilst voting for members of the European Parliament.
If you use history (mostly unimaginably bloody,) this is perfectly normal for the continent.

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