Thursday, December 02, 2010

The kids are alright ........ really.

At every presser all we hear is that our Iberian brothers and sisters not only don't need any help with their financial problems, they are positively thriving. Odd then this selection from today's news:

Spain and Italy, the countries that with Portugal appear most at risk from being enveloped by the euro zone's deepening debt turmoil, are leading an effort to spur more decisive action from the European Central Bank in order to prevent the crisis from spreading further.

A €67.5 billion ($88.2 billion) bailout plan for Ireland that European Union governments signed Sunday has offered little relief from the crisis, dashing the hopes of European leaders. Since then, borrowing costs for the three governments rose sharply.
No worries at all, "panic" now being a sign of everything being alright.

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