Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"The coldest start to December for centuries": Global Warming Worsens Across Europe

[In Germany] it was the coldest start to December for centuries
The urgent need for global warming talks in Cancún is felt across Europe as the situation grows worse

In the Russian capital, Moscow, temperatures dropped to -23.6C, the lowest on record for 1 December since 1931.

In Poland the mercury dropped even lower, with the eastern city of Bialystok registering temperatures of -26C. …

In Britain, thousands of schools were closed and police in the southern county of Surrey described conditions as the worst they had ever seen. …

Thick snow across Germany blocked roads, and caused flight cancellations and school closures. Bild newspaper said it was the coldest start to December for centuries, with some areas reporting temperatures as low as -18C.

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