Wednesday, December 08, 2010

And Warm Wishes of Socialist Solidarity to our Brothers in Kampuchea!

Which is to say that many of us miss some of the perspectiveless lunacy of the bad old days sometimes. But fear not, lovers of that quiet European creepiness: it’s always around in one form or another.

Which is to say largely in Brussels where its only virtue is that it could be easily kept in a cage if the native went along. They’re finally getting to the next Fake Crisis on their thick agenda of “caring” things ‘n stuff: the Bee Crisis:

The European Commission has published a new action plan intended to shed light on reports of declining honey-bee populations across Europe, key pollinators for many of the bloc's important crop species.
At the same time, one the Europe's top scientists in the field has warned against mass hysteria, pointing out that most species have experienced epidemics at one stage or another over previous centuries, ultimately with little long-term effect.
Van Rompuy warns EU is in 'survival crisis', and the crust of political class is worried about a fracking bee thing that was resolved two years ago. Natürlich. Nero isn’t fiddling while Rome burns, the entire population of snapperheads is.
In other news, not rising to the level of 2 year old fake Bee hype, Greek rioters and protesters clashed with police on Monday during a commemoration of the death of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos who was killed by police during a protest two years ago on Pearl Harbor Day. The protests were against austerity associated with running out of anyone left to tax, and the absence of having a currency to deflate.

From “The Awareness Chanel”. I say don’t hope for too much.

But what does that matter. It’s merely a loose fact and a minor detail associated with being unable to add or have any connection with nature and her unforgiving laws – such as we find here from yet another recitation of the obvious from the Wiki-trove of things that should really remain unsaid because we know them already:
Perhaps the greatest insight from the whole Bruno affair might be that despite the veneer of 'greenness' extolled by German society, modern Germany in fact coexists rather uneasily with untamed nature,"

I sat for a while and pondered over this commentary and remember the Bruno the bear episode in detail. There is an excellent point over this analysis. There is often bragging done (similar to cases in the US) where the government and foundations are working to reintroduce wild populations back into "outback regions". In this case, all it took was one simple bear to upset the locals.....and that got the bear onto the hit-list.
The debate associated with this random bear not being the sort we would have in Pennsylvania, as to whether or not it would be better taxidermed or made into jerky. My vote is to subject the European intellectual “elite” who found the item of “CULtural interest” to taxidermy to form an example for the children.

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