Thursday, November 18, 2010

Those Bible-Thumping “Faux News” Worshipping Americans are Such Prudes

As if Europeans were just as likely to be fat, violent, stupid oafs as any other sample of humanity. One town in Italy prudishly clamps down.

In a seaside town in Italy, officials of local body administrations have decided to ban miniskirts and low cut tops to clean up the raunchy image of the town
In fact the entire continent is one big whinging, walking, talking Yemeni toner cartridge magnet.

Elsewhere, another “Daddy drinks because you cry” argument:
Rise in Anti-Semitism linked to rise in Islamphobia
You’ll note that those most likely to attack those assumed to be Jewish or Gay in the Netherlands aren’t mentioned: feral man-boys of origin in the Muslim world who’ve been fed hatred by cowardly Fagans, and violent leftist adolescents spoon-fed hatred by revolutionaries.

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