Friday, November 19, 2010

Ignoring the Ramifications of the Viktor Bout Case, Apologizer-in-Chief Calls Russia "a Partner, Not an Adversary"

… just as the United States and Russia have reset our relationship, so too can NATO and Russia. In Lisbon we can make it clear that NATO sees Russia as a partner, not an adversary. We can deepen our cooperation on Afghanistan, counter-narcotics and 21st century security challenges — from the spread of nuclear weapons to the spread of violent extremism. And by moving ahead with cooperation on missile defense, we can turn a source of past tension into a source of cooperation against a shared threat.
As Barack Obama heads to Europe for his second visit abroad since the mid-terms shallacking, the Apologizer-in-Chief has authored another feel-good homily for the benefit of the European allies — something that is far easier to do if you ignore the ramifications linked to the case of Viktor Bout — which promptly made (a huge headline on) the front page of Le Monde.
"Notre relation avec nos partenaires et alliés européens est la pierre angulaire de notre engagement dans le monde" affirme le président américain dans une tribune au journal Le Monde sur le sommet de l'Alliance.

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