Wednesday, July 28, 2010

“Activism”: Ever for the Good of the None

Activists disable some London BP petrol stations, as if a station operator or franchise owner was spilled oil with intent on wrecking his own business.

LONDON (Reuters) - Protesters from environmental group Greenpeace disabled some of BP's 50 petrol stations in central London on Tuesday in protest at the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
Greenpeace said its activists had managed to close down 47 service stations in the capital. BP confirmed 30 had been forced to close temporarily. The company branded the demonstrations an "act of vandalism" and said it would reopen the sites as soon as it was safe to do so.
The protests coincided with BP's second-quarter results where the oil company reported a $17 billion loss and said it had set aside $32 billion to tackle the spill.
They are angry, therefore, 'Capitalists' may not have earnings, simply because they aren't smart enough to figure out how to benefit from them themselves. Setting aside the obvious ignorance of this style of ‘activism’ (it’s actually just a fig leaf for adolescent lashing out), leftism is an exhibit of envy and hatred. Without invective, it has little to believe in.

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