Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend wonders

Rhetorically speaking, do you ever wonder why the statists are always yammering on about never "wasting a crisis"? The answer of course is simple, in the chaos and tumult of a crisis it is the statists who use the situation to gobble up more power for their church, government, and to diminish the ability of their enemies, the individual. During a crisis, never think the words and actions of the statist are about actually trying to ease the crisis situation.

Which brings us to our cod-mongering brothers and sisters in Iceland. As the dust settles from the financial implosion up north, individuals are having second thoughts about prostrating themselves before the keepers of hyper-statism:

Iceland this week appointed its chief EU accession negotiator, but the country's application is already hitting the buffers domestically and Brussels fears that the Arctic nation may "pull a Norway", meaning an application that the government is sincere about, but which the people strongly reject.

The country's finance minister, Steingrimur Sigfusson and leader of the government's junior coalition partner, the Left Green Movement, said last Tuesday at a meeting of the Nordic Council in Stockholm that while Iceland had applied to join, the people did not want to become members of the EU, a statement that has not been met with great enthusiasm in Brussels.
This is why the statists must strike when the crisis iron is hot. Once calmer heads prevail and the statist schemes are exposed under the clear light of day, the individual tends to notice the same old putrid stench in the air: more government, more regulation, more control-freaks and less freedom/liberty/individuality.

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