Friday, November 13, 2009

Assassin of 1 Abortionist Declared a "Terrorist"; Shootist of Over 40 Citizens and Killer of 13 Deemed a Regular Bloke Who Snapped

Doesn't it make sense, and can't leftists and rightists agree, that inherent in the word "terrorism" is the fact that it entails indiscriminate killing, the murder of vast numbers of citizens, and that the individuals targeted are basically unsuspecting?

We have now come to the point where the assassin of one abortion doctor (who knew that, rightfully or otherwise, he was a targeted man) is called a terrorist — a terrorist of the "domestic" variety — while the man who shot over 50 people, killing 13 of them, is deemed little more than a regular bloke (a stressed-out one, to be sure) who snapped because of the pressure(s) he'd undergone.

Not to excuse Scott Roeder's murder of George Tiller, nor to get into an argument about the pros and cons of abortion, but Roeder specifically targeted a specific individual, one whose life had been threatened (rightfully or otherwise) numerous times in the past (for reasons good or bad), and he (Roeder) did not, manifestly, aim indiscriminately at unsuspecting individuals.

Nevertheless, leftists got on their high horses and sputtered about the "personal responsibility" of conservatives, along with expressions such as their "hate machine", "anti-abortion terrorists", and "Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism"… No desire, here, to understand and to show compassion; no fears, here, about an unjust backlash against conservatives, Republicans, Christians, or — yes — even pro-lifers…

In fact, in both cases — in all cases — the true villains prove, directly or indirectly, to be American conservatives and those who represent the values of America's heartland.

Because, as it happens, to leftists the world over, outside as well as inside the United States (and the latter, tragically, include the members of the Obama administration), the only enemies, the only danger (to America as to the rest of the planet), the only terrorists (would-be or real) are America's own conservatives. And thus you see Nidal Malik Hasan, aka "the alleged shooter" (Barack Obama), aka the "army major suspected of killing 13 people" turned into a victim of the stresses caused, directly or otherwise, by heartland America.

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