Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Pay? No Way," Exclaimed the Lady. "It's Supposed to be Free! Free!"

Thanks to our very own "Julius Caesar", a tyrant for those who recall reading source, Americans can look forward to much of this kind of thing that happens in EUtopia. Inspiring the young to go into medicine, no doubt.
Dr. X. is a surgeon who not only does his job admirably: he's also very active in many charities and human rights groups. It will be understood that it is therefore not part of the cohort as countless fantasy that those who refuse medical care for state aid (AME). It is in this personal context that a foreign woman entered, who had nothing to pay her bill with. Until she appeared for her exam, her condition had never been treated.

- "Pay? No way," exclaimed the lady. "It's supposed to be free! Free!"

And again, it requires that the surgeon pay for her medication out of his own pocket ...

Somewhat taken aback (understandably), our colleague says that this is not how things are done in this country. But the woman, visibly persuaded in the arguments of "ad hoc associations" (activists), continued to insist. So much so that she finally get her "companion" in the waiting room, giving the same speech to protest as well. Even with the doctor's polite but firm denial yielded some result: the "companion" threw several punches at him.

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