Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turns Ugly? It IS Ugly.

A recent cash giveaway stunt for an undecipherable internet retailer called “” went haywire when more ‘youts’ showed up than the gift giveaways could satisfy.

An Internet company that planned to throw envelopes of cash to passers-by from the top of a bus in Paris had to cancel the publicity stunt for security reasons after thousands of people turned up, police said on Saturday.

About 5,000 people gathered near the Eiffel Tower, with groups spilling into neighbouring streets and bursting through crowd barriers before the planned handout of banknotes
The funny part came later: with the rather typical interviews and “after action” reporting that got little more than a nod. In order to take it out on, the precious children justified trashing miscellaneous property by saying, essentially, that there were people rich enough to own a car who deserve it for their misfortune at a promotional stunt. While the stunt WAS badly run, legal proceeding are being lodged by the aggrieved former car owners and shop keepers against Mailorama, not the douchebags who, all bobos seem to agree, are just ‘blowing off a little steam’.

I know it’s over, but it MUST be stopped

Nebulous questions about what ‘lurks behind it all’ have, as expected’ bubbled up through the sewerage of their social thinking as well.

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