Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An anniversary the socialists don't really like to talk about too much

What is it about the utopian dreams of socialism and communism which always end in death:

On the death tape, Jones urged Temple members to commit "revolutionary suicide". Such "revolutionary suicide" had been planned by the Temple before and, according to Jonestown defectors, its theory was "you can go down in history, saying you chose your own way to go, and it is your commitment to refuse capitalism and in support of socialism."
After Jones announced that "the congressman is dead" no dissent occurs on the death tape. Directly after this, referring to his Red Brigade security squad that shot Ryan, Jones stated "But the Red Brigade's the only one that made any sense anyway" and "Red Brigade showed them justice." In response to reactions of seeing the poison take effect on others, Jones commanded "Stop this hysterics. This is not the way for people who are Socialists or Communists to die. No way for us to die. We must die with some dignity."

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