Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frankie Says Relax

Only among Arabs would you find anyone getting enraged about the supposed superior purity and virtue of THEIR kind of $10 whore.

A Muslim driver drove a Christian man to a Muslim brothel, then went out to call a Muslim mob that broke into the brothel, dragged out the Christian and stabbed 16 times after pouring acid over him. As the victim was rushed to hospital in critical condition, the mob started attacking and looting Christian properties.
And of course in retribution to the man with oh-so-much to give, they did the usual thing, and trashed what they thought might have been his neighborhood, cause, y’know, the neighborhood had some causal thing going there.
Dr. Naguib Gobrial, President of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights, in a press release addressed to the Minister of Interior, strongly condemned the vandalism and looting of Christian properties, and criticized the prevailing state of fear and insecurity, under which the Christian Copts live. He also attacked the inaction of the Governor of Minya and the failure of the security agencies to ensure peace and stability.
I suppose it’s because the hypocritical mob couldn’t be reached.

And speaking of $10 whores...

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