Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Yes, We God"

Just in case you are not convinced that Europe's honeymoon with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate is over, take a look at an editorial that appeared on the front cover of Le Monde's Éducation supplement — over three months ago!

Marc Dupuis's title says it all — « Yes, we God » (and ain't that the epitome of profoundness?!) — and please be aware that this lampoon on Obama's (just as utterly profound) campaign slogan was written back in June, in response to Barack Obama's visit to the beaches of D-Day.
Il était venu commémorer en Normandie le débarquement du 6 juin 1944, il a lui-même débarqué. Puis il s'en est allé, non sans avoir semé le trouble en dictant à la France le droit pour les femmes musulmanes de porter le voile.
All pretense of the solemn officialdom due to the respect for the hallowed dead at Omaha Beach, swept away by BHO's invocation of (or paying lip service to?) the Almighty and by his alleged meddling (Obama's, not the Lord's, although it's true that the two are often confused these days), real or otherwise, into France's secular society. (Merci à Marie-Rose pour la photo.)

Oh, and by the way, remember that after Bush's six or seven years in the White House (20 in the public eye if you count his same-named father), they still couldn't spell the name of "Georges" Bush right (or that of "Condy" Rice)? The Apologizer-in-Chief has dominated the news for what, two years, three, now? And that still isn't enough for them to get his name right either!
Barak Obama risque de réveiller ici le conflit sur la laïcité.

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