Monday, October 12, 2009

Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey

Now it’s all just another lifestyle choice.

"They are extremely well organized, extremely well trained. I say that given the methods used, the objects bound weapons they used, so it's ultra-violent ,(...) who can crack anywhere in France on commando-type operations, "said the prefect of Poitou-Charentes, Bernard Tomasini, on France Info.
This, town the Poitiers town of Vienne, spitting distance from Strasbourg, where the CERN employee with suspected al-Qaeda links is from. So much for that reputation of reminding people of a cheesy coocoo clock.

The provisional wing of the “peace movement” in this case the adolescent ninnies of the Black Block are protesting the fact that prisons exist.
In the afternoon, claiming 200 supporters of an anti-prison had gathered in the downtown area where they attended the festival of street theater of "expressions".

The event organized by the Collectif contre la prison de Vivonne drew police said militants from neighboring departments and very organized.

Taking advantage of the [local street] festival, the demonstrators in the hoods or scarves, sometimes armed with sticks, smoke bombs or firecrackers, attacked the windows of some twenty shops, smashed the windows of bus shelters, street furniture, and "tagged" monuments.
I guess somewhere in their kiddie logic, their crime-wave will bring that kind off world peace where prisons aren’t needed.
According to the regional prefect, there was no prospect of such action, apparently designed to protest against the transfer of 118 inmates from the prison of Poitiers in the new prison in Vivonne.
My guess is that the transferred prisoners would probably want protection FROM the Black Bloc more than the “liberation” by these morons who claim to want anarchy and authoritarianism. Now if any of them could only hold down a job...

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