Friday, August 21, 2009

You’ll Note that there is no “SILF” Phenomenon

Which is to say that there is virtually no normal, well actualized person who, as the case is with a MILF, want an crazy Skank-ILF like Maureen Dowd, or for that matter find any sort of appeal, sexual or otherwise of the stern, humorless leftist women that she’s supposed to be a social poster child/ role model for.

Mo Dowd, joining in on the pointless swarm of personal attacks on a woman politician accuses Palin of being on facebook, calling facebook “more commonly used by kids hooking up and cyberstalking,” merely because a strong, confident woman whose life work is not Dowd’s career advancement is there.

Strangely enough, so is the stern and humorless Mo Dowd.

If you feel that it’s viscous, tasteless, or otherwise rude that one would sexually objectify a “eminent” New York Times reporter, why then, don’t you ask why Dowd does the same herself as a rule, forgoing arguments or information of any depth whatever. Which is to say that in the absence of any reason why one should not ask the question, or with any evidence of human decency in her, why can’t one ask if Dowd needs to get stupped? For that matter, why would it be rude to ask why it is that she seems completely unlikely to be able to maintain a friendship with anyone who isn’t a (NSFW) like-minded political ideologue?

After all Mo’s MO is to advance unidentified concepts by degrading people who for social reasons she doesn’t seem to like. At the NYT, this makes one some sort of great figure, a mainstay and anchor of the editorial paramilitaries, and somehow some sort of “rebel” all the while.

If their incongruity tells you anything, it’s that they are sick people whose time has long passed.

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