Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Previous “Imminent Health Insurance Crisis”

From 1950, and 1961, and now yet again: “crisis”

Again, as then, the issue was larger than turning private charity into a government run agency (with plenty of patronage possibilities), or the incremental nationalization of social institutions, it’s a matter of liberties, and the degree and type of government that we want. In truth, the reason no-one “understand the bill” as the left accuses the obstinate right of, is because it’s an open-ended enlargement of government monopolization of another sector of society without a concept behind it. They CANNOT tell you what the goals are beyond the “policy proposals” that could fit on a bumper sticker.

The “system is broken” because government is tinkering with features, and not dealing in economic concepts, and certainly not following along with something that’s a natural fit for American society and our economic structure.

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