Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heal your Inner Labor MP

J. R. Nyquist detests saps, and wishes it was in print. One can only imagine what the cover art will look like.

Guilt is the stick across your back sent to make you better. Is guilt unpleasant? It’s supposed to be, and it better be. Feel guilty often, and have plenty of regrets. People who have no regrets are dangerous. They will suck you in and suck you down.
Do not confuse this man with the sneery Lucy Kellaway. He does not even want to mock you passive-agressively in the role of cubicle-farm agony aunt. He wants to smite his enemies and pillage their fields, so to speak; but for the most part insists that we should not hear them whine and manipulate the rest of us.
Chapter 4 should be titled “You’re Not So Special.”
Emotional hostage takers: beware. There’s a new weltanschauung in town.

The Fuse is Lit! (No Pasaran)

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