Friday, May 01, 2009

How Were Afghanistan's Taliban Overthrown in 2001? By the U.S. Army? Not at all! By the Mujaheddin (!)

Thanks to Le Monde (and to Rémy Ourdan's full-page article in the organ of official opinion and of the ruling class under a mocking title), the truth is now out: in late 2001, the Taliban were not vanquished by the Americans, but by… the Mujaheddin.
Déception [en Afghanistan] envers l'armée américaine et ses alliés, qui se sont déployés dans le pays sans que personne en comprenne vraiment la raison, les talibans ayant été vaincus dès fin 2001 par les Moudjahidins.
In order to denigrate America (at least under Bush) as well as its armed forces, anything is allowed — including the rewriting of history.

In that perspective, we also learn that the year 2008 was a "nightmare for the American army." Now, I understood that — if anything — the year 1944 was a "nightmare for the American army." And the year 1917 was a "nightmare for the American army." And the year 1862. And the year 1775.

But thank God: we have — and the French population has — Le Monde!

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