Wednesday, May 06, 2009


It always seems to need a new idol to stick pins in.

Hurriyet, Turkey
Dick Cheney's Torture Logic is 'Deeply Offensive'

"The reason U.S. policy is so important to us is that our own struggle to rein in heinous practices in Turkey is directly related to the standards set in Washington. … Cheney’s logic is that of the Spanish Inquisition. It is deeply offensive."
First of all, they aren’t struggling. Second of all, Turks have been torturing for virtually no reason for decades, if not centuries. OBVIOUSLY George Bush’s 2000 election can be implicated in the Armenian genocide.

Take that Vice:
The systematic and widespread nature of torture in Turkey puts nearly anyone at risk of being tortured, Amnesty International said today as it released its report Turkey: An end to torture and impunity is overdue!.

Amnesty International today concluded that the geographic spread of torture allegations, the range of potential victims and the number of testimonies the organization received, point to torture being systematic and widespread in Turkey. This, despite the European Union a year ago identifying the fight against torture as a priority for Turkey.
Torture is ubiquitous in Turkey, and goes ignored. There are trying to dus tit under the rug for the sake of what the neighbors might see, but little else, especially because there has been little or no logic at all to the torture that has taken place in Turkey long before they started to pretend that George Bush somehow darkened the earth for the first time in human history. Randomly looking at a 1998 report, now that we’ve established that W could travel through time and space to “enlightened” Turkey:
At least 209 children were tortured in 1998. Most of the reported cases of tortured children were detained on charges of such crimes as "theft." However, as is known, torture is a widespread practice in detentions for political charges.
For heavens’ sake, these Barbarians that have up until a few years ago not permitted Kurds to speak their own language in public, a medieval policy, on top of continuing to try to convince the world that all those Armenians “must have all just moved to L.A.” has no basis to lecture anyone.

The grand European idea of course, is to punish the former Adminstration for a war to topple THEIR favorite dictator, a man who tortured a huge number of his own citizens for no reason at all.

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