Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Argument Solved, Problem Ignored

And barbarism embraced as something requiring understanding.

Socialists Are Fools But Not All Fools Are Socialists
Says George Handerly
It has become fashionable to present reports on piracy that are wrapped in a tranquilizer. It is suggested that the solution of the problem is in Somalia. Save Somalia (throw money at it?) and all will be hanky-dory. One is tempted to suspect that the popularity of the mantra has to do with the trick of attaching an otherwise threateningly soluble problem to a precondition that cannot be met. The benefit is that, succumbing to the West’s luxurious self-doubts, a good reason is given to persist in doing the unreasonable. Thereafter it becomes easy to desist from solving the solvable.
It’s all about leftists making themselves feel smart, hearing the sound of their own voices saying “ah, but it’s more complicated than that”, not as a way of NOT trying to solve the problem, but subconsciously admitting that they will never, ever try to bring stability or civilization to anything they choose to grace with an opinion, despite the “struggle for global social well being” they keep promising – something they have never once provided to anyone who didn’t vote for them.

However all that misery there is out there DOES have a use to them – they need humanity’s open wounds to stay open for the sake of their solving of arguments.

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