Thursday, March 19, 2009

Secretly hating humanity starts with hating one another.

The EU, at best, has a kind of camaraderie akin to the Stockholm syndrome more than anything else. If it wasn’t the common hatred of others, particularly Americans and people who are ethnically too different looking, the only thing that keeps them together is a fear of people from the 3rd world will realize that there is no reason to admire them for no reason other than their nationality. The fact is that despite decades of peace (guaranteed to them by the outside world), a huge number of Europeans have loony prejudices about other Europeans that would make the Hatfields and McCoys Hutus and Tutsis look thoughtful and gentle. It’s a centuries-long portrait in fear and loathing if there ever was one, and it’s at the root of everything they call “culture”.

In a follow-up to the article we link above, the author at the Daily Candor had this to add after the obvious backlash of “how dare you” hatemail oured in:

There were a handful of people who didn’t hesitate to tell me that I was completely ignorant and was completely in the dark about Europeans. They were vastly outnumbered by those who agreed with me completely.

I was amused by those who confirmed exactly those national stereotypes I had written about
Of course there’s always this old favorite guide to doping out the colors this season.

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