Saturday, March 21, 2009

Breaking the Family Up Even More By Giving Parental Rights to the Step-Parent

Dominique Versini, an alleged "defender of children" (sic), one who refuses to "make a moral judgment on people's life choices", tells Le Monde's Josyane Savigneau that she is trying to get the French government to give parenting rights to third parties, i.e., step-parents and such…

To quote Stephen Baskerville,
The most dangerous place for a child is the home of a single mother. The HHS studies confirmed the already well-etablished fact that children in single-parent households are at much higher risk for physical violence and sexual molestation than those living in two-parent homes.

…"The person who is least likely to abuse a child is a married father," notes Canadian Senator Anne Cools. "The person who is most likely is a single, unmarried mother." Maggie Gallagher sums up the reality: "The person most likely to abuse a child physically is a single mother. The person most likely to abuse a child sexually is the mother's boyfriend or second husband." A two-parent family is "the safest environment for children."

…Shorn of ideological euphemism, what these figures effectively demonstrate is that the presence of the second parent, usually the father, constitutes the principal impediment to abuse. At one time all this would have been considered common sense, because two parents check each another's excesses and the father was traditionally recognized as the children's natural protector.

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