Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The EU is UA, and Looking to the Nascent AU

Too little too late, and otherwise useless. Now the glorious “EUFOR” deployment in Chad is dumping it on the lap of someone else under the aegis of the UN, which sounds a lot better than giving it over to the put-upon low-budget armies of the developing world as they are so fond of doing, except for the Irish and Poles in this case who actually get it. At least European gets to pretend that they ”made a difference” after one year - and can now ceremonially transferring their power largely to themselves and changing hats for no clear reason that the Janjaweed would care about in the least.

Newcomers include African, Asian and European countries alike, namely from Ghana, Nepal, Norway and Togo.
Click here for a EU funded Euranet radio report which managed to not gloss over the futility of the endeavor, but manages to forget that the Europeans kept saying that they were going to be the cavalry to the rescue, but stalled what they insisted was a necessary, life-saving deployment for 4 years. It must have been America’s fault. Now there’s hardly a soul to protect.

Of course now that they’re bailing out, they have no problem using one of their exclusive transnational proxy instruments to poke the Khartoum government in the eye. Now that the useless stunt of issuing an International Criminal Court “warrant” for the Sudanese leader’s arrest will come at little cost to their image now that the royal blue flags are swapped out for a seasonal baby blue, but possibly at great cost to those populations being hunted down in Sudan.

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