Thursday, March 19, 2009

All you need is a little more hair of the dog that bit you

From the "alcoholics agree - other people are not drinking heavily enough is the problem" file.

Unfortunately the initial moment of clarity :

The European Union staunchly defended its unwillingness to spend more to escape the slowdown on Wednesday...
Reverts to form and finds itself at the bottom of yet another tall glass:

...and urged the United States and Asia to match its generous welfare safety nets.
No doubt the governmentalist serving wenches agree with the last round served. The latest vintage of governmentalism on display for all to see:

Yesterday, it was revealed that in the three years to March 2008 at least 400 more patients died at the Stafford hospital than would have been expected at an average hospital of its size and case mix. The Healthcare Commission's chairman, Sir Ian Kennedy, described it as a story of "appalling standards of care and chaotic systems for looking after patients ... There were inadequacies at almost every stage". The patients died at a time when the hospital was trying to achieve foundation status, which would signify that it was rated as one of the leading NHS hospitals in the UK.
Like any other deluded rummy*, governmentalists will no doubt point to the above as a clear-cut case calling for "more government, not less!" No need to worry about the tab though. Our governmentalistic-minded sousers have no qualms about putting the whole thing on your tab. They said you wouldn't mind.

* with apologies to any legitimate rummy for the comparison

Update: TDK provides the stark perspective. Note, stark.

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