Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gems left in the rough

Most struggling businesses are quick to deploy all of their assets to try and ensure long-term survival, this consideration is secondary of course if the business involved is primarily involved with agenda-setting, information manufacturing, information shading and information concealment. Given that set-up most astute readers have already guessed this post is in regards to the New York Times.

The struggling New York Times has paid good money to commission a poll of voter sentiment on issues of the day (editors note - The New York Times partnered with the equally struggling CBS television network in commissioning the poll). Given the dire financial straits of the New York Times one would think that all possible news would be wrung out of the poll and into print in order to help this struggling business get full value for the monies spent. If the the business involved was actually interested in reporting the news that would undoubtedly be the case. Do keep in mind, this is the New York Times.

So what gems from the poll missed out on the prestigous A1 position article and were left on the cutting room floor?

For those in the know (un-reported of course):

34. From what you know so far, what do you think about the number of tax cuts for businesses and individuals included in the economic stimulus package — are there too many cuts, too few tax cuts, about the right amount of tax cuts, or don't you know enough yet to say?

Too many - 9
Too few - 20
Right amount - 17
Don't know enough - 51
DK/NA - 3

43. In your opinion, which will do MORE to protect or create jobs: increased government spending on infrastructure, health care, education and other fields, OR tax cuts that would put more money in the hands of individuals and businesses?

Increased government spending - 41
Tax cuts - 50
Both(vol.) - 3
DK/NA - 5
An attempt to manufacture news by misconstruing a question (reported of course) via the lack of including the word 'some' as in 'some homeowners'.....

57. The Obama Administration has a plan to help homeowners refinance their mortgages, avoid foreclosure and make more credit available for mortgages. Do you think the federal government should provide this financial help to homeowners, or shouldn't the federal government do this, or don’t you know enough yet to say?

Government should help - 61
Government shouldn't - 20
Don't know enough(vol.) - 14
Some, not others - 3
DK/NA - 2
..... is woefully under-cut by a question (un-reported of course) closer to the real issue:

62. Which comes closer to your view about the Obama administration's proposal to address the housing crisis: 1. I am mostly relieved that steps are being taken to help people facing foreclosure or 2. I am mostly resentful that the plan could help homeowners who may have taken out mortgages they weren't certain they could pay, or 3. I haven't heard enough about the proposal to say? QUESTION ADDED 2/20/09 N=614

Relieved - 35
Resentful - 35
Haven’t heard enough - 26
DK/NA - 3
Never fear, there is at least some levity in the poll as well (un-reported of course):

13. Beside the economy, which of these domestic policy areas do you want the President and Congress to concentrate on MOST right now — health care, global warming, education, or Social Security? ANSWER OPTIONS WERE ROTATED

Health care - 40
Global warming - 5
Education - 27
Social Security - 22
Something else/Combination (vol.) - 4
DK/NA - 1
Money well spent.

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