Friday, September 12, 2008

Things you are not supposed to notice

Hopefully Muriel Goldring, Aaron Katz, Leah Feller, and Herbert Harvey are still among us. If so, they should make sure and get a copy of yesterday's New York Times:
In 1951, Morton Sobell was tried and convicted with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on espionage charges. He served more than 18 years in Alcatraz and other federal prisons, traveled to Cuba and Vietnam after his release in 1969 and became an advocate for progressive causes.

Through it all, he maintained his innocence.

But on Thursday, Mr. Sobell, 91, dramatically reversed himself, shedding new light on a case that still fans smoldering political passions. In an interview, he admitted for the first time that he had been a Soviet spy.
The Rosenberg's, Alger Hiss, Morton Sobell, all booked in history. Which ancien lefty totém is next?

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